FTM was started in 2004, thanks to the courage and entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Roberto and Rosella Marchetti.

Their venture began with the production of flat industrial gaskets, made possible by a PC and a plotter knife-cutting machine. It continued in 2006 with the purchase of a semi-automatic die-cutting machine, and in 2010, with a new machine for optical control, new cutting machinery and the associated employment of more staff. Within months, the firm became a supplier for the automotive sector.

Faithful to its original aims, FTM continues to specialise in the production of flat, punched and die-cut gaskets, while diversifying its range of materials and production processes and using – and often designing – its own innovative machinery.

2013 saw the business change from sole proprietorship to a limited liability company. In March 2015 the firm obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, followed in 2017 by UNI EN ISO9001:2015 for the manufacture of flat gaskets in rubber and plastics by the processes of cutting, die-cutting and punching to the specifications of the client.


Streamlined and functional: these two characteristics are inherent in FTM’s DNA, and over the years they have allowed the firm to achieve major goals by expanding its production premises, machinery and warehousing for raw materials, alongside continual updating of programming and CAD for automatic design and nesting.

Dedicato a

This website is dedicated to Rosella Marchetti, a mum, an entrepreneur and sister of the owner, who died before her time aged just 33. She was the founder of FTM and she leaves an indelible trace of her brief but intense journey here. A modest, resourceful and courageous person, she always encouraged growth in her family and her business simultaneously.

We like to think she continues to protect us today.

Yours FTM