Market Sectors

Large-scale processing industry, as well as small and medium-sized industries, are looking to new scenarios in the face of the increasingly complex challenges of a global market that demands punctual supply and high-quality, reliable products at competitive prices. This is why FTM requires excellent performance from its workers, allowing the firm to respond to any demand by offering a bespoke operation involving the identification and application of the most appropriate technologies for the chosen materials and the dimensions of the finished items, combined with sustainable production costs.


This is an industry which, through its close links with automation, robotics, IT and applied intelligence, continues to invest and experience exponential growth. The automotive sector goes hand in hand with the changing times and today’s new culture of mobility for people and goods. FTM secured its place in this process of change in an unprecedented growing market by offering products that range sliding rings, gaskets for petrol and diesel filters, bumper seals, sealing frames for interior displays, seals for electric charging points etc.

Motorcycle accessories

Our country is the birthplace of several motorcycle champions, and is also known as the home of some of the world’s most famous motorbike brands. But the link between Italy and motorcycling goes further: indeed, we also lead the world in the production of accessories. The constantly expanding motorcycle sector has become an increasingly important part of FTM’s work, as the firm specialises in the manufacture of gaskets for motorcycle kit.

Oil & Gas

This sector required complex installations which handle aggressive, often lethal substances. It is essential to use high-performance products which ensure a perfect seal in order to prevent the leaking of highly hazardous substances. FTM die-cuts and punches flat gaskets in materials such as compact rubber, graphite both plain and reinforced, PTFE and high-performance asbestos-free materials which optimise sealing properties. Produced in compliance with market standards or to the client’s specific criteria, these can be circular, oval, contoured or with cross pieces, as entire single items or in sections.

Water treatment

These components provide essential sealing functions which can prevent the loss of fluids and resist low and medium temperatures. For this sector, FTM supplies items for use in systems for the extraction, distribution, irrigation and treatment of industrial fluids and potable water. We therefore cut gaskets for flanges, connections, hydraulic valves, taps and fittings, in other words flat gaskets in a wide range of materials, from rubber to asbestos-free materials, to meet any criteria.


These are primarily washer-shaped gaskets used in a wider range of applications than the classic O-ring type and giving a much larger sealed surface area. They can also function well under low to medium pressure and crushing. Materials are usually certified for use in contact with hot and cold potable water (NSF, KTW, DVGW, WRAS, ACS, FDA, etc), as well as having good mechanical resistance, exceptional resistance to permanent distortion, and excellent elasticity.

Hydraulics industry

Hydraulics involves the transmission of force/energy by means of a pressurised fluid (hydraulic fluid). Specifically, hydraulic pumps transport all types of fluids, and so the gaskets used specifically in this sector must provide a high-quality seal and resistance to pressure and permeability. The most commonly-used materials are asbestos-free materials and solid rubbers, suitable for contact with aggressive oils and liquids, high and low temperatures and with good mechanical resistance.

Machine tools

Manufacturers of Machinery and Industrial Components are undergoing a radical transformation in their business, this sector includes manufacturers of automation and control solutions, construction and mining machinery and equipment, power grid and power plant equipment. FTM has invested its know-how over the years in this field as well, offering a range of gaskets and materials suitable for these applications, thus satisfying the demand of a heterogeneous market, from the simple washer to the flat gasket according to the customer’s design.

Food & Beverage

The food industry also requires a high-quality product, materials that are not harmful to health and technical and morphological properties that ensure a perfect seal. FTM’s flat elastomer gaskets are used particularly in the food and beverages industry, which requires compliance with the criteria set by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Household appliances

The needs of this sector are multiple and varied, from food safety (i.e. compatibility of materials in contact with food) to resistance to high temperatures, but also mechanical resistance and electrical insulation. FTM supplies gaskets with these specific properties, suitable for use in the gas sector and refrigeration.

Electricity industry

FTM manufactures several products used in this sector. FTM produces gaskets in compact and expanded rubber to protect against the infiltration of rainwater in junction boxes, control panels and ceiling lights, both in the domestic sphere and in industry, and for safety appliances, asbestos-free or plastic seals for temperature probes, lamps and lighting systems both interior and exterior.

Ship industry

Our experience in the marine sector allows us to offer solutions and applications for shipyards as well as for on-board use. Our machine tables, measuring up to 1500×4000 mm, allow the production of large-sized gaskets in various materials, particularly Silicone and Viton suitable for marine use, in order to guarantee a perfect static seal.


Packaging today is an essential element in conveying the uniqueness and worth of a product. Products acquire added value, significance and quality from their presentation. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the use of a range of colours and densities of expanded materials, FTM is able to meet different requirements and create customised and original packaging which will enhance the display of the products.