Certified ISO 9001:2005, FTM undertakes to fulfil the fundamental principles of quality and asks all its workers to bear in mind the following criteria:

– care of the client lies not only in product quality, but above all in the service provided, in terms of flexibility and the consequent fulfilment of our aims. While respecting cultural and market diversity, the reciprocal client/supplier relationship is the necessary condition to achieve our objectives.

– every worker involved becomes an active party responsible for improvement in working conditions in terms of quality, costs and client satisfaction.

– every worker is actively responsible for the success of FTM in achieving its long-term quality goals.

FTM has always been geared to complete client satisfaction, focusing on quality and compliance with legal requirements.

FTM’s quality policy is a valuable tool for the communication of the firm’s management principles and aims, underlying a broader concept regarding the organisation, its services and the extras which distinguish it from competitors, namely:

  • traceability of products and industrial processes
  • staff training
  • punctuality
  • appropriate and timely circulation of information
  • flexibility and rapid response

Ultimately, we were born, grew up and are today mature in doing a single thing, at which we have become unparalleled experts: “DIE-CUT TO SEAL”.

Metrology laboratory

Adjacent to our production area is our metrology laboratory, equipped with specialist instruments such as a durometer, calipers, thickness gauge and machinery for optical checking, all geared to ensuring the quality of the finished products. Our laboratory instruments undergo calibration checks, guaranteeing their compliance with the measurements stipulated by the International System of Units. Procedures are developed in-house and constantly fine-tuned to maintain the high quality standards demanded by our clients and by legal requirements.

Warehouse for raw materials and finished items

Our warehouse is always well-stocked with a range of materials such as compact and expanded rubbers, asbestos-free materials, plastics, PTFE both virgin and filled, heat insulation, cork, rubber cork, compact and expanded polyurethanes and felt, allowing us to considerably reduce delivery times and offer our clients a rapid, professional service. We also hold stocks of finished products, ordered by our clients by contract or regular order.


Certified company UNI EN ISO 9001:2015