We constantly update the operational software of our machinery so that it complies with ongoing market demands in terms of accuracy, flexibility and speed.


The natural evolution of the die-cutting machine is a knife cutting system that allows continuous cutting of flat circular or contoured gaskets, including large sizes, to a thickness of up to 100 mm. Our machine tables actually measure 1500×3000 mm and 1500×4000 mm. Cutting plotters are work stations which give a more economical alternative than water jet cutting. They also have specific software for the automatic nesting system which, along with a simple, intuitive interface, drastically reduces processing times and maximises use of materials by reducing waste. This system can meet any cutting needs in a wide range of materials, from rubber to plastics and composites.


This is a method of cold-cutting for plates in rubber or other materials (Flexoid, felt, PTFE, asbestos-free materials etc). Sheets are cut by special metal cutters (dies). This department includes automatic and semi-automatic die-cutting machines with a table width of up to 1600 mm, particularly suitable for medium and high-volume orders. Moreover, the automatic die-cutting machines can produce the finished and clean item directly from the raw material and place it immediately in a box for packaging.


This is done by machines which can carry out combined cutting and milling operations on materials of thicknesses up to 90 mm. Powerful blade spindles and milling spindles can handle a huge variety of materials. Tables measuring up to 1500×4000 allow large-sized gaskets to be produced. The installation of software for automatic placement (nesting) reduces processing times and maximises use of materials by reducing waste. Milling equipment can produce holes and non-through slots.


The lance-shaped knife cutting system department includes machines which are not standard types on the market, and which have been designed by our engineers. They are used for the production of large quantities, and are completely automated, with totally autonomous loading, unloading and sorting, and can work 24 hours a day without the presence of an operator, guaranteeing consistency and extremely precise cutting. The most suitable materials for this type of cutting are polyurethanes and compact rubbers.


This is a mechanical device for automatic sorting, with optical detection of defects and minuscule imprecisions.  The design has become a concrete operational tool, the result of meticulous research into problems and sensitive data and use of the results to design a preventive solution. Close collaboration and synergy between our solid experience and the scientific knowledge of expert optical and mechanical engineers has allowed us to offer our clients a unique service which fills us with pride.